The Document Controller ensures that all hard and soft copy documents are kept up to date and coordinated. This will include daily checks on Asite, printing, scanning and status changes on commented drawings. They are also responsible for keeping the hard copy filing, drawing racks & registers up to date. The role involves coordinating with different consultants / departments / and if necessary contractors, and ensuring that documents are kept in the right location, recorded, and distributed as required.

Responsible for: No direct reports

Responsible to: Technical Manager

  • Manage and control versions of technical documents (internal & external) through the Document Management System.

  • Ensure teams across the division comply with document control processes and procedures so that everything is tightly controlled

  • Verify that documents comply with the required standards and have been completed to the required quality standards

  • Maintain a register of documentation and files through the use of the Document Management System

  • Manage the storage of all hard copy documentation for the designated programme to ensure easy access when required

  • Ensure that document control standards are maintained in-line with company standards by attending training and receiving regular updates from the Group Technical team.

  • Distribute controlled documentation to relevant people, both internally and externally

  • Liaise with designers, contractors, sub-contractors and any other necessary organisations to ensure that the documentation they are using is the latest versio

  • Provide general administrative support when required to the wider divisional Technical team

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